• Concert Hall

    The LTPAC's Concert Hall is our flagship venue.  Featuring robust support and rehearsal facilities, this theater can handle large-scale productions with casts of over 200.  The Concert Hall boasts cutting-edge technologies in every area of production.

    The Concert Hall's seating uses a North American-style layout, which creates six sections of seating (Orchestra Left, Right, Center; and Parterre Left, Right, Center) with an overall seating capacity of 1459.  This includes 1443 fixed seats (854 in the orchestra sections, 589 in the parterre sections) and 16 wheelchair bays (spread throughout the six sections of the house). All ticketed events are required to use LTPAC's ticketing agent.

  • Black Box Theater & Recital Hall

    The Black Box Theater is located in the lower lobby.  This space can be reconfigured to meet virtually any need of a smaller theatrical performance.  Typically configured as a thrust stage with 211 chairs, the Black Box hosts a variety of performances ranging from plays, small musicals, jazz ensembles, and chamber concerts.

    The Recital Hall is located in the Annex building on the high school campus.  An intimate 274-seat proscenium theater (with four wheelchair bays at the rear of the theater), many of our Theatre department's plays and showcases are performed on this stage.  The Recital Hall also hosts a variety of chamber concerts and large specialty meetings.