• Accelerated Math Information for Rising 5th Graders:
    This program is designed to provide accelerated math instruction for students who take and pass the accelerated math assessment at the end of their 4th grade year.  Accelerated Math courses begin in 5th grade for qualifying students. Testing occurs in late spring of 4th grade. Please note that students currently enrolled in 4th grade must be assessed during this May timeline.  Only newly enrolled students will be assessed at the beginning of next school year. On Thursday, May 4th, 2023 the Gifted and Talented campus coordinators and district staff hosted an online session to share information regarding the 5th Grade Accelerated Math program for the 2023-2024 school year. 

    Characteristics of 5th Grade Accelerated Math Students:

    • Scores Mastery on STAAR Math in 3rd and 4th grade

    • Consistently scores above 90% on Math MAP (Your child’s homeroom teacher has these scores.)

    • Demonstrates natural mathematical aptitude

    • Grasps new concepts quickly with ease and little to no practice

    • Demonstrates perseverance while working in a fast-paced environment, covering A LOT of material 

    • Demonstrates scholarly behaviors such as independently seeking to understand or seeking further information on a topic

    • Shows resilience - the ability to navigate moments of difficulty and regain quickly, learning from failures

    • Organization - daily notes, turning in assignments, retaking assignments

    • Independent work - self-directed, self-monitoring, accountable for oneself

    • Responsibility- maintaining and locating materials


    Please consider this. . .

    The number of students who qualify can vary year to year, from campus to campus.

    This is a pull-out program. Your child will have a 5th grade homeroom teacher, be a part of a 5th grade class, but they will go to another classroom for Accelerated Math.

    Preparing for the exam may qualify a student for the program but may not set them up for success. 

    Should your student not qualify for 5th Grade Accelerated Math, there are options for acceleration in Middle School.

    To quantify the amount of material covered in Accelerated 5th Grade Math, students will see over 2.5 times the amount of content standards in Accelerate 5th Grade Math as a student in 5th Grade Math. Accelerated 5th Grade Math covers about 118 content standards ranging in skills associated with 5th to 7th grade math, whereas 5th grade covers about 45 content standards.


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    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What is Accelerated Math?
    An accelerated mathematics course for qualified 5th grade students exhibiting exceptional talent in the area of mathematics.

    This 5th Grade Accelerated Mathematics Course includes all of 6th grade and vertically aligned 7th grade Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).  Successful completion of this course allows students to begin middle school in a 7th Grade Pre-AP Mathematics class (which covers 8th grade math TEKS).

    How are students identified for Accelerated Math?
    Students will be assessed during the month of May on their home campus by the Accelerated Math/GT teacher on that campus. Newly enrolled students will be assessed in the first week of school. 

    When is the referral window for Accelerated Math testing?
    The referral window opens after Spring Break of a student’s 4th-grade year and closes at the end of April. Parents will be notified via email and in the school newsletter.

    If my student has a 504 or IEP, can they take the test and qualify for 5th Grade Accelerated Math? What accommodations will be offered?
    Yes. Students will follow testing accommodations listed in the student’s 504 and IEP.

    What material is on the assessment that 4th graders are required to know?
    The test is looking for students who have mastered 5th grade math content.

    Test prep, tutoring, etc. for the exam is strongly discouraged as this may qualify a student for the program, but may not set them up for long term success.  This assessment evaluates if a student has the natural mathematical aptitude necessary for this program, and if they are prepped, they may not have the natural abilities to sustain the workload and pace. 

    What can I do to prepare my child for the Accelerated Math test?
    Have a conversation with your child around staying calm and focused while trying their best. They will use their classroom Chromebook and headphones, much like what they do for MAP and STAAR testing. There are no materials to ‘study’ for the test. 

    What assessment is given to 4th graders in May to qualify a student for Accelerated Math in 5th Grade?
    For fidelity reasons, the name of the test is not released. The 5th Grade Accelerated Math Course is meant for students who have already mastered all the content taught in 5th grade math and have a natural aptitude beyond math facts.

    How will I find out if my child qualifies?
    Students who take the assessment for Accelerated Math will be notified via email prior to the start of their 5th grade year.

    If my student doesn’t qualify for 5th Grade Accelerated Math, are there opportunities for acceleration in middle school?
    Yes, there are many opportunities for acceleration on different levels at middle school and high school. 

    What implications does taking 5th grade Accelerated Math have on a student in middle school and high school?
    Taking 5th grade Accelerated Math is a double skip for middle school math. Your student will be taking math with students a grade above them in middle school and as a freshman could be in math with sophomores and/or juniors. TEA now requires all students to take 4 years of math in high school. This means that your student will be taking math courses beyond calculus in high school. 

    If my student qualifies for Accelerated Math, do they have to take Accelerated Math their 5th grade year?
    No, a student may decline their invitation to the 5th Grade Accelerated Math Course.

    If my student qualifies and takes Accelerated Math and  the course is not a good fit, what happens?
    Students enrolled in Accelerated Math are continuously monitored by the teacher.  If the class is not a good fit, the child will return to 5th grade math with their homeroom teacher. This class is for mathematical outliers, not students who are just slightly ahead of their peers in math.