• How many library books are kids allowed to have at a time?

      • Kinder and first-graders are allowed to have 1 book at a time;
      • Second and third-graders are allowed 2 books at a time.
      • Fourth and fifth-graders are allowed to have 3 books at a time.

      What do I do if I can't find my book?

      • Look for it! Common places lost books are found include: bookcase at home, under the car seat, bookcase in the classroom, or school lost-and-found. Sometimes books find their way back to the library, so ask your librarian to check if the book is still on your record. If you don't know what the book looks like, ask your librarian to print you a picture of the cover. If the book cannot be located, you can ask the librarian the price of the book, and you can pay for it with cash or a check payable to RHE.

      What do I do if I ruin my library book?

      • Ask your librarian how much the book costs. You can pay for it with cash or a check payable to RHE. 

      Can you show me how to use Destiny?

      • Click here to watch a video. Don't forget that you can access Destiny via LT1.

      What is the RHE library schedule?

      What reading programs can my child participate in?

      • The spring reading program is our "One Community, One School, One Book". We are encouraging students and families to read Appleblossom the Possum, by Holly Goldberg Sloan, as a read-together. Students can turn in a selfie of their family reading the book and turn your selfie of your family reading the book, and Mrs. McMillin will post it on the library bulletin board. 

      When is the book fair?

      • Our spring 2024 book fair is scheduled as follows: Preview: March 27, 28, 29. Shopping: April 1-5.
      • Family Night: April 2. 3-7pm 

      What are the district library policies?

      • Click here to visit the LTISD district library page. 

      How do I access ebooks and audiobooks from the library using Sora?