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    (512) 533-6565

    16101 W. HWY 71
    Building B.
    Austin, TX 78638
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    Technology Helpdesk

    (512) 533-6565 option 3

    LT Technology Helpdesk is your first point of contact for technology support and assistance for any problem with LTISD technology services, software, or technology equipment.  All calls to the Helpdesk will result in a work order request being created in theTechnology Helpdesk application, staff may also submit work order directly via the Technology Helpdesk application.  All Helpdesk work order requests are logged for general tracking, up-to-date e-mail notifications of your ticket status, workflow management, and resolution.  

    In order to receive timely technical support, up-to-date communications on the status of your ticket, and reduce duplicate issues, please put in a technology work order anytime you require technical assistance.  If you would like an updated status of your ticket, please call the Helpdesk and reference your Request ID: number
    For detailed instructions on how to enter a work order request, please use this link:  How to Create a Work Order instructions.pdf 
First Name Last Name Position Phone Number Email Address
Chris Woehl Executive Director 512.533.5739 woehlc@ltisdschools.org
Beth Muzny Records & Administrative Assistant to Technology 512-533-5739 muznyb@ltisdschools.org
Aaron Schoenrock Sr. Network Engineer 512.533.5739 schoenrocka@ltisdschools.org
Dustin Zahradnik Sr. Systems Engineer 512.533.5739 zahradnikd@ltisdschools.org
Ryan Petru Technical Projects Engineer 512.533.5739 petrur@ltisdschools.org
Pat Bartlett Systems Administrator 512.533.6565 option 3 bartlettp@ltisdschools.org
Jeff Steimle Information Systems Technician 512-533-6565 Option 3 steimlej@ltisdschools.org
Kelly Smith Database Systems Administrator (iTCCS, District Database Applications, txConnect & txGradebook 512.533.6505 smithke@ltisdschools.org
Laurie Kelso PEIMS Coordinator 512.533.6029 kelsol@ltisdschools.org
Samantha Sanford Information Systems Technician 512.533.5710 sanfords@ltisdschools.org
Todd Taylor Help Desk Supervisor 512.533.6565 Option 3 taylort@ltisdschools.org
Bryan Bacci Technology Technician I 512.533.6565 Option 3 baccib@ltisdschools.org
Stacy Desrocher Technology Technician I 512.533.6565 Option 3 desrochers@ltisdschools.org
Ryan Melson Technology Technician I 512.533.6565 Option 3 melsonr@ltischools.org
Claude Pardue Technology Technician II 512.533.6565 Option 3 parduec@ltisdschools.org
Ruth Patrick Technology Technician I 512.533.6565 Option 3 patrickr@ltisdschools.org
Dan Snell Technology Technician II 512.533.6565 Option 3 snelld@ltisdschools.org
Thomas Kanellakis Technology Technician I 512-533-6565 Option 3 Kanellakist@ltisdschools.org