Counseling and Guidance Program

  • Did you know that the counselor... 

    • Visits the classroom often
    • Talks with children when they're happy
    • Talks with children when they're sad
    • Talks with children about their school work
    • Talks with moms and dads
    • Helps groups of children
    • Welcomes children to visit her office when they need to
    • Is a friend

    Did you know that there are many ways to see the counselor...

    • Students can ask to go to her office
    • Teachers can ask that students go to see her
    • Moms and Dads can ask that students go visit her
    • The counselor can invite students to visit

    The Counseling and Guidance program at Lakeway Elementary provides a positive place where children enjoy coming. In addition to helping students work through difficulties, the counselor is here to offer support, encouragement, and an unconditional listening ear. Besides seeing the students on an individual basis, the counselor also offers....

    Classroom Guidance: The counselor will see each class twice monthly for 30 minutes to do a lesson on various topics such as friendships, decision making, emotions, bullying, and keeping safe.

    Support Groups: Small support groups are also available to recommended students on topics such as divorce, grief, anger management, study skills, social skills, and adjusting to a new school. All members must have signed parental permission to join these groups. Parents and/or teachers may recommend a child for groups. 

    Individual Counseling: Counsels individual students as needed for specific problems. Parents and/or teachers may recommend a child to meet with her or a student may make the request on his/her own.

    Resource for Parents: Assists in referring students and families to outside agencies for help including counseling and other assistance as needed.