Bee Cave

Elementary School

  • Arrival:

    PLEASE DO NOT DROP OFF CHILDREN PRIOR TO 7:20 A.M. This is a very important safety issue. Please wait with your children until the school doors open at exactly 7:20 a.m.

    We ask all parents to part from your children in foyer area each morning and let us help them to class if necessary to avoid interuppting instructional time.

    Meetings with teachers can be arranged by appointment via email. If you need to send an urgent message to the teacher or drop something off with your child, leave with Leanne Hamilton at the front desk to deliver. This helps with safety and supervision in the morning as well as unecessary disruptions.

    Classes start promptly at 7:40. Children are marked tardy after 7:40. If your child is arriving after 7:40, they need to be checked in at front office.


    Transportation changes: The greatest challenge we have at dismissal time is to give correct instructions to students when families change their transportation plans frequently or late in the school day, causing confusion with the students and staff as to where the child is supposed to go at dismissal (bus, car, or parent pickup).

    Please understand that the safety of your child is of vital importance to us. To avoid errors and confusion, transportation changes cannot be accepted after 1:00 PM the day of the change

    Notify the front office of any transportation changes by 1:00 p.m. to insure your child gets notice in time.