Lake Travis ISD Strategic Plan

  • Lake Travis ISD is reflecting on its mission, values and beliefs so we can make plans for the future.  

    Steering Team

    A team of students, staff, parents and community representatives will lead the way. This group will oversee and guide the strategic planning process, including brainstorming ways to get others involved and designing community outreach opportunities. This team consists of the following members:

    • Agis Mayra
    • Strategic PlanningAlison Spurlock
    • Amanda Prehn
    • Amber Hart
    • Ash Seth
    • Bertha Halfmann
    • Bitura Orakpo
    • Jason Buddin
    • Jill Mancino
    • Jo Ann Richmond
    • Melissa Williamson
    • Tiffanie Roberts
    • Traci Mendez
    • Tasha Barker

    Community Summits, Feedback, Focus Areas and Planning Teams

    Working with our consultant Education Elements and the Strategic Planning Steering Committee, the District hosted four community summits designed to collect input for the development of our plan. Staff, students, teachers, parents, and taxpayers were provided virtual and in-person opportunities to share their thoughts on the current state of the District and their hope for the future. For those not able to attend the community summits, an additional opportunity to submit feedback was provided using an app called VideoAsk. 

    From the discussions at the community summits and feedback from the VideoAsk, the focus areas below were identified as warranting deeper conversations. Planning Teams of students, staff, parents and community representatives will further work through these focus areas and make recommendations to the Steering Team:

    • Are One Community: The community is closely connected and proud of its schools. LTISD intentionally plans ways to come together. A neighborhood feel is maintained even through rapid growth and ideological divisions. All families are supported and engaged with opportunities to provide input and be heard. Communication is transparent, consistent and two-way.  

    • Grow and Innovate Together: There is a constant push to build off success, move forward, and continuously improve. Facilities planning is informed by future growth. Finances are managed in order to support the future needs of the district.

    • Each Belong: All students and their families feel welcomed, respected, heard, and understood. All students feel connected to a mentor who understands and celebrates their backgrounds. All students have opportunities to explore their interests through electives and extracurricular activities where they belong to a group.

    • Provide Best in Class Education: Students are prepared for life, including critical thinking, civics education, and digital citizenship. Students succeed in the postsecondary path they choose (college OR vocation). Students with special needs are quickly identified, receive the support they need, and are included. High quality educators are recruited, cared for, and retained. 

    • Prioritize Wellness: Counselors and teachers use trauma-informed practices to support the mental health needs of their students. Social and emotional needs of students and staff members are met. Safety, health, and support are prioritized for all members of the Lake Travis ISD Family. 

    Our desire is to continue to engage voices from our stakeholders to inform the objectives and strategies in support of the identified focus areas. 

    Ultimately, the District's strategic plan will articulate our mission and vision, as well as the goals and objectives needed to achieve that vision.