NextGen Learner

  • LTISD recognizes the essential role of technology in today's Next Generation (NextGen) learner. The Department of Learning & Teaching is dedicated to enabling technology tools that align with the unique learning style of every student to prepare them for post-secondary education and the workplace of tomorrow.
    There are two concepts that many parents have heard related to how education must adapt to meet the needs of tomorrow. LTISD is committed to College & Career Readiness for every student. Below are some introductory videos on these two concepts:
    21st Century Skills: How does education today prepare students for tomorrow?
    Blended/Flipped Learning: Utilizing technology to enrich learning

Digital Citizenship

  • LTISD is also focused on teaching every student K-12 about appropriate online behavior and safe computing.
    Digital Citizenship is defined as "the norms of behavior with regard to technology use."
    There are nine elements of digital citizenship: access, commerce, communication, literacy, etiquette, law, rights & responsibilities, health & wellness, and self-protection. Digital Citizenship is not just an instructional strategy. It is a way of preparing our students for the current world of always-on, real-time access to content.
    LTISD provides professional learning resources for teachers in the development of best practices for teachers as lead learners in what it means to practice good digital citizenship for the students of LTISD. In addition to internal resources, two other resources that are useful in the classroom, and at home are (K-8) and Common Sense Media (K-12). Please visit the links above to learn more about resources for parents and how LTISD is utilizing these resources. 
    Free Internet filter & parental controls 

Learning Management System

Digital Learning Resources

  • Access the Student Learning Portal

    The Student Learning Portal includes Elementary, Middle School and High School materials to enhance student learning. Digital textbooks, library subscriptions and research databases are just a sample of the rich resources available. It requires a login to access. Parents may register on the lower left hand page of any district web page. Students use their LTISD computer login for access.

Personal Electronic Devices

  • BYOLT (Bring Your Own Learning Technologies)
    As teachers strive to prepare our students for the future, BYOLT replicates a technology-rich environment that is already common in higher education and businesses today. Each student learns differently and personal devices offer flexibility to support each individual learner's needs, helping students identify skills that will make them life-long learners. BYOLT has the potential to increase student engagement and motivate students for positive learning outcomes. 
    Access to District's technology resources, including the Internet, shall be available to students and employees primarily for instructional and administrative purposes in accordance with administrative regulations.

Collaboration Tools/Online Storage/Student Email

Parent Access to Official Student Grades and Attendance

Secondary Volunteer Hour Tracking

    • Please contact your MS/HS Campus for more information