• What is Kardivas? 

    Kardivas is a girls enrichment program in the Lake Travis ISD that exists to teach and encourage young girls that they are uniquely created with a purpose, that they have integrity and worth, and that they have something valuable to contribute.


    Kardivas comes from the Greek word “kardia” which means heart, or seat of emotions. “Divas” stands for Devoted, Inspired, Virtuous, Authentic, Sisterhood. Kardivas is a character club for girls, where they can get real with each other. It is purely voluntary and every girl is invited. Girls may join the club at any time during the school year and can register at https://www.ltisdschools.org/Page/1555.


    When will Kardivas meet?

    Kardivas will meet every Thursday, beginning October 5, from 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm, throughout the school year.


    Where will Kardivas meet?

    We will be meeting in room 503 at Lakeway Elementary School.


    Who can join? 

    Every 5th grade girl is invited to join.


    How much does it cost?  

    $75 for the Fall Semester, $45 for the (shorter) Spring Semester.  Full scholarships are available.


    What kinds of topics will be covered?  

    During Kardivas we will explore topics such as: truthfulness, thankfulness, sincerity, beauty is on the inside, keeping confidences, goals, and forgiveness.


    Will there be outside activities? 

    Yes. Throughout the year we will have parties where we get to know each other better while having a great time, and we will also do some service projects for our community.


    Who are the sponsors of this program?  

    Kardivas is led by the following moms of fifth grade girls:

    Tisha Moulinet
    Jenny McCann
    Vicki Maciarz
    Jennifer Suehs
    Carrie McDonald.

     Feel free to contact them with any questions.