• Kardivas

    Welcome to the Kardivas page!
    Kardivas is a character club for 5th grade girls.
    We meet every Thursday after school from 2:45--4:00pm Serene Hills Elementary. Starting soon! 
    Parents and girls, please attend our Kickoff meeting in September (date TBD).

    Kardivas is a free girls club in the Lake Travis ISD that exists to teach and encourage young girls that they are uniquely created with a purpose, that they have integrity and worth, and that they have something valuable to contribute. All 5th grade girls are encouraged to join. 


    Kardivas comes from the Greek word “kardia” which means heart, or seat of emotions. “Divas” stands for Devoted, Inspired, Virtuous, Authentic, Sisterhood. Kardivas is a character club for girls, where they can get real with each other. It is purely voluntary, and free to join. Every girl is invited. Girls may join the club at any point during the year, the club is always open.

    Throughout the year Kardivas will host fun activities outside and in the community as well. Mrs. Nederveld and Mrs. Luedecke are happy to support this wonderful group and welcome you to participate.