Welcome to Facilities and Construction

  • The Lake Travis Independent School District's Facilities and Construction department is responsible for the folowing operational components:

    • Facilities Planning
    • Bond Program Planning
    • Land Acquisition for Future Facilities
    • Facilities Construction

    On November 8, 2011, nearly 58 percent of District voters approved a $158.5 million bond referendum to fund the construction of a new elementary school, West Cypress Hills Elementary, and new Lake Travis Middle School; the expansion of Lake Travis High School into the current Lake Travis Middle School campus; the expansion of Hudson Bend Middle School; upgrades for existing facilities; and district-wide improvements.
    In 2003, voters approved a $36,275,000 school bond election. The three-year bond series included improvements at various elementary schools, including major renovation at Lake Travis Elementary School, district-wide technology and utility upgrades, and other district-wide site improvements.
    Additionally, in September 2005, voters approved a $126,830,000 school bond election. The five-year bond series included the renovation and expansion of Lake Travis High School. Other items in the package consisted of a fifth elementary school (Serene Hills); expansion of both Lake Travis and Hudson Bend middle schools; improvements to various athletic facilities; construction of a transportation facility/warehouse; and land acquisition in anticipation of future growth and facilities.
    Since 2004, Lake Travis voters have approved more than $321.5 million in school bonds.


  • Robert Winovitch
    Director of Facilities & Construction

    Richard Harrison
    Facility Resources, Compliance and Construction Manager

    Wesley Perkins
    Facility Resources, Compliance and Construction Manager