Welcome to LTHS Attendance Office

  • Note: The LTHS attendance office has a new email address: lthsattendance@ltisdschools.org. Please use our new email address to request early release of your student or to submit documentation for an absence

    LTHS does not accept phone calls to release students from class
    . Please submit your request by email to the attendance office. There is a cutoff of 11:00 a.m. to submit an email requesting an early release for your student. We stop accepting new email requests at that time. There will also be a “parent walk-up” cutoff of 3:40 p.m.

    Thank you for your understanding and patience.

    Documentation for Releasing a Student from Class

    Preferred and Easiest Method:

    To release a student from class, please send your child with a note in the morning indicating the time they need to leave. The student will turn the note into the Annex or Main office in exchange for a blue Early Release Pass. They will show the pass to their teacher, sign themselves out on the clipboard in the Annex or Main office, and meet you outside the building.

    Email Method:

    Should you forget to send a note you may also send an email to the attendance office by 11:00 a.m. indicating the time your student needs to sign out. Your student is still responsible for picking up their Early Release Pass from the Annex or Main office BEFORE the time of their appointment. They may do this during a passing period, lunch time or a bathroom break. 

    In-Person Method: 

    Should you miss the 11:00 am. cutoff for sending an email, you must go to either the Annex or Main offices to sign out your student. If you have further questions about absences, please visit the left sidebar of this webpage for additional information.

    Documentation After a Student Absence

    Acceptable documentation must be provided to the campus within 3 days after the student returns to school. Notes from parents/healthcare offices may be emailed from the parent’s email address to the attendance office or your child may turn the note into the attendance office upon their return to school.

    Notes signed by students, even with the parent’s permission, will not be accepted unless the student is 18 or older or is an emancipated minor under state law.

    Note, phone calls cannot be accepted as appropriate documentation for any absence or any release.

    Failure to present acceptable documentation of an absence will result in the absence being counted as unexcused.



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