Discovery Program at WCH

  • This is a photo of Mrs. WyattYoung Gifted & Talented Graphic
    Mrs. Erin Wyatt is our West Cypress Hills Elementary
    Gifted & Talented, Discovery Teacher
    phone:  512-533-7500
    Welcome to Gifted & Talented, Discovery
    Discovery is the academic enrichment program provided for students who have been identified as intellectually gifted and talented. All students are eligible to be selected for the Discovery program at each campus. In order to be identified as gifted and talented, each student must undergo a screening and selection process. Assessment opportunities are made available once per school year. To maintain the validity of a nationally normed test, a student is not permitted to retake the same test within a two-year window.  
    Testing Timeline:
    The referral window for 1st-12th grade opens at the beginning of the school year and remains open through the end of the 1st grading period.  A teacher, parent, student, or other interested persons observing a student with consistent evidence of gifted characteristics may refer him/her during the appropriate referral window.  
    Newly enrolled students arriving after the Fall deadline will be assessed per referral request during the 3rd 9 week grading period.  Students arriving during the 4th grading period may be referred for testing the following school year.
    Students previously enrolled in a Gifted and Talented program in another school district will be assessed upon enrollment in LTISD.

    The Kindergarten referral window for Elementary campuses will open at the beginning of the Spring semester and will remain open through the end of the 3rd 9 week grading period.

    Parents have the right to appeal the results of their child's assessment results.  Appeals must be received by the campus GT coordinator, in writing, by January 31st for students assessed in the Fall semester and by May 15th for students assessed in the Spring.  Please reference the Discovery Handbook for more specific details regarding the appeal process. 

    Please refer to the district calendar for exact dates.