• Destination Imagination

    Destination ImagiNation (DI) is a group of responsible kids with creative minds, great problem solving skills, and great team working abilities! DI is a community-based, school-friendly program that builds participants' creativity, problem solving, and teamwork in enjoyable and meaningful ways. It is a wonderful program that allows teams of five to seven children to work together on long-term challenges and participate (K-2nd) or compete (3rd-5th) against other schools in the Austin and surrounding area. Participating in DI involves a long term commitment and team responsibilities that lead through to the final competition on March 4, 2017. Becoming a team player involves meeting at least once a week after school for a few hours, purchasing a minimal amount of supplies, and lotsof dedication and teamwork. Each team will also need a coach to help organize and supervise the team from now until the competition. We cannot do this without committed parents willing to coach!

    If you are interested in allowing your child to participate in Destination Imagination and would like more information on the program, please visit the website at http://www.idodi.org/ for a more detailed explanation. If your child chooses to participate this year, fill out the attached form and return it to Mrs. Macintyre at West Cypress Hills Elementary by October 3, 2016.

    Please keep in mind that all supplies and local enrollment fees are paid by the team members and not through WCH. The good news is that all teams are given a strict budget and the total of all supplies is divided up equally between every team member. ($50 team registration fee to be divided by each team member, plus additional expenses for snacks and supplies).

    Click here for the Destination ImagiNation Permission Slip.
    Marlowe Macintyre
    Gifted & Talented Teacher