Credit by Exam Prior Instruction (Credit Recovery)

  • Credit by Exam (CBE) with Prior Instruction aka. Credit Recovery EHDB (Legal) (Local)

    College Course Work/Dual Credit EHDD (Legal) (Local)

    At the option of the local school district, students in grades 6-12 who have not received credit but have received previous instruction in a subject area may earn credit for the subject by passing an exam (with a score of 70) that assesses the student’s knowledge and skills in that subject area.

    High School students are to request the exam from UT or Texas Tech and complete this form to notify the Counseling Office that they plan on taking a Correspondence Course or need to arrange to have a proctor for a Credit by Exam test. > Request for CBE EA Correspondence (Credit Recovery) Notification to be submitted to the Counseling Center.

    Students taking a Correspondence Course do not have to take a CBE or an EA but submit their final grade report to the Counseling Office for credit to be put on their transcript. 

    NCAA Guidelines- Credit by Exam does not count towards your core classes.

    All the information above this statement is for those students who have had prior instruction and need credit recovery for a class that they have failed a course and need to test to receive credit for a class they have already taken. 

    Credit by Exams may be ordered through the University of Texas High School or Texas Tech High School. Contact your campus counselor.