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Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Arts degrees in English and Teaching at the University of Texas Masters in Educational Leadership at the University of Texas at Arlington

Kelly Freed

I am the proud Principal of Lake Pointe Elementary, and it is with great pleasure that I am able to serve the Lake Pointe community where we strive to emphasize the importance of academic excellence.

I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from the University of Texas and a Masters in Educational Leadership degree from the University of Texas at Arlington.  I began my career as an English teacher at Cy-Fair High School in the Cypress Fairbanks school district outside of Houston.  I continued my journey through education teaching 8th grade Language Arts, a campus Instructional Coach, a middle school Assistant Principal at Fulmore Middle School in AISD and Hudson Bend Middle School in LTISD.  

My husband, Zach Freed, serves as assistant principal at Lake Travis High School, and we are the parents of two beautiful boys, Sawyer and Sutton.  Our children attend Lake Pointe Elementary, and they inspire us every day to provide the best educational opportunities for all students.

I believe all children can learn and that learning does not fall into a "one size fits all" model.  We strive to know each child by name and need and extend our relationship with the child to the parents and community in which they belong.  

Our Lake Pointe staff routinely strive to meet the following goals:

  1. A Lake Pointe teacher uses formal and informal methods to measure student progress, then analyzes the student data to inform instruction.
  2. A Lake Pointe teacher provides consistent feedback to students and families on the growth of the student in relation to classroom goals.
  3. A Lake Pointe teacher provides opportunities for students to utilize their individual learning patterns, habits and needs to achieve high levels of academic success.
  4. A Lake Pointe teacher provides opportunities for students to self-monitor and self-correct mistakes.
  5. A Lake Pointe teacher empowers students to take primary leadership and responsibility for managing their learning environment.

As ongoing professional learners, LTISD administrators reflected on our leadership styles through a Gallup survey to provide each of us with a Strengths-Based Leadership Report.  As my community partner, I want to share my five "CliftonStrengths" with you:

I am a "RELATOR":

It’s very likely that you are quite comfortable being honest about yourself with others. You harbor very few illusions about who you really are. Furthermore, you can openly acknowledge your mistakes and shortcomings. Chances are good that you genuinely enjoy activities when just about everything makes sense. You naturally gravitate to tasks where facts, events, processes, or ideas are methodically outlined. Driven by your talents, you cause people to feel worthwhile and appreciated. How? You invite them to share their aims for the future. When you know someone’s aspirations, you can begin nurturing a meaningful partnership. By nature, you definitely enjoy sharing your point of view with individuals who ask, “What do you think?” Certain visionary thinkers might turn to you to test their ideas about what can be accomplished in the coming months, years, or decades.

I practice "CONSISTENCY":

Chances are good that you are by nature practical. Your manner is often straightforward. Normally, you highlight the impressive ideas someone shares. People know that your words are sincere. They realize you are keenly aware of the way things actually are. You aim to create good feelings in everyone, not just a chosen few. You intentionally avoid showing favoritism. Driven by your talents, you enjoy assignments that allow you to create streamlined systems for handling repetitious activities. You identify the essential details and deadlines involved. Then you set up programs to help people operate in a speedy and efficient manner. By nature, you worry far less when you have a detailed outline for handling tasks or problems that arise on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis. You want to perform on par with everyone else. This is why you appreciate standardized operating procedures that give clear direction to people who do the same things you do. Instinctively, you try to abide by regulations. You sometimes make a point of operating within established budgets or time constraints. Perhaps you are convinced that every person deserves to be dealt with in an evenhanded manner. You might become frustrated when exceptions are made for one person or one group. You might argue that certain rules need to be consistently followed and uniformly enforced. It’s very likely that you set up procedures and guidelines for completing your tasks. You use these approaches with regularity. You probably experience less success when circumstances or people prevent you from relying on the methods that work so well.

"SIGNIFICANCE" matters to me:

Chances are good that you prefer the company of people who carefully listen to what you have to say. Your sound reasoning compels them to pay very close attention to your ideas, explanations, plans, or answers. You can use bits of evidence to reconstruct the whole. You also can start with the whole and reduce it to bits of evidence. By nature, you routinely choose the company of people who exhibit a sound work ethic and produce excellent results. You likely intervene before they discount their accomplishments. You probably realize you can influence individuals to think much better of themselves. Driven by your talents, you seek to govern the circumstances of your life. You probably choose to work on tasks by yourself so you can determine what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. Group decision-making usually frustrates you.


By nature, you tend to be a critical reader. That is, you take apart writers’ ideas and examine them bit by bit. Only then do you judge whether they have merit. Generally your scrutiny of the written word, rather than your emotions, guides your decision-making process. Chances are good that you are aware of the elements affecting your work or studies. You likely accomplish much more and draw far better conclusions from the evidence you collect when you can conduct an independent investigation. Your deductive reasoning usually improves when distractions and interruptions are eliminated. Driven by your talents, you customarily search for pertinent facts and relevant data to reconstruct the chain of events that produced a problem or an opportunity. You prefer reasonable explanations.  Instinctively, you typically orchestrate things for people. You identify a reasonable set of steps they need to follow. You instinctively know which plans can withstand rigorous examination. In addition, you figure out which ones are sure to collapse under close scrutiny. Because of your strengths, you use reason to predict what you need to have done before a meeting begins. Your methodical thinking allows you to anticipate information you could present, inquiries you could make, or questions you could answer. Not wanting to be caught off guard — that is, not being alert to potential danger or opportunity — you generate your own list of topics, agenda items, or tasks. Depending on how much is at stake, you typically conduct your own research before the group convenes. Simply put: You have a reputation for being ready and able to participate in most activities.

I am an "ACHIEVER":

It’s very likely that you work diligently to invent alternative courses of action. You notice new as well as unusual configurations in facts, evidence, or data. Others, however, can see only separate, unrelated bits of information. You are fascinated by problems that puzzle, confound, or frustrate most people. Driven by your talents, you enjoy working on projects that demand a great deal of accuracy and precision. Your strong work ethic impels you to labor until these tasks are done right. By nature, you frequently engage in laborious tasks. You yearn to dedicate yourself to worthy causes or noble purposes. Fortifying the bonds between yourself, the people you know, or even those you will never meet gives your life special meaning. Instinctively, you commonly invest extra time and energy in causing people to realize you hold them in high regard. This probably is one way you help them recognize their value as human beings. This awareness probably allows you to increase your productivity, improve the quality of your outcomes, enhance your efficiency, and better manage your priorities.  © 2000, 2006-2012 Gallup, Inc. All rights reserved.

Please know that my top priority is serving your children.  I hope to continue to build upon the strong foundations you have established for your children and grow your child to be a well-rounded learner.