• School Health Advisory Council (SHAC)


    Each school district is required to create a School Health Advisory Council (SHAC) which must have a composition that is 2/3 parents and community members (SB 42.) 

    Executive SHAC Meeting Dates for 2018-19:

    • October 10, 2018
    • December 5, 2018
    • February 6, 2019
    • April 24, 2019
     The LTISD School Health Advisory Council has 4 subcommittees:
    • Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug Prevention (ATOD)
    • Social/Emotional Wellness (SEW)
    • Health and Fitness
    • Food and Nutrition
    The SHAC Subcommittees collaborate in order to support the Leader for Life Programming as well as the Wellness Policy and Regulation development in LTISD.

    Health Education is taught through Physical Education (PE) classes at the Elementary Level and in 6th Grade P.E. and Dance, as well.  6th Grade students with off-campus P.E. must successfully pass a comprehensive Health Education exam in order to obtain the Health credit.

    Puberty Lessons/Human Development Information

    Lake Travis ISD utilizes our School Health Advisory Council, campus' nurses, and the Learning and Teaching Department in creating the following Human Development Scope and Sequence:

    Human Development Curriculum Scope and Sequence


    MIDDLE SCHOOL utilizes the Austin LifeGuard Organization to implement our Scope and Sequence:

    Austin LifeGuard Curriculum Outlines (power points are available on request and at yearly Parent Workshops; visit the www.austinlifecare.com site)

     *Permission slips change at each semester but are available on request
    HIGH SCHOOL utilizes both the Austin LifeGuard Organization as well as the Planned Parenthood Organization (teaching the BIG DECISIONS Curriculum) to implement our Scope and Sequence: 

    ALG Curriculum Outline (see above)

    Big Decisions Curriculum  www.bigdecisions.org  

    Health topics range from nutritional information, to human development, to drug and alcohol prevention topics.  For a full listing of the Texas Education Agency’s Health TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills) go to www.tea.state.tx.us 


    The Lake Travis ISD’s School Health Advisory Council focuses on meeting quarterly to                            make decisions regarding the appropriateness and effectiveness of all health-related curricula.  

    SHAC By-Laws

    SHAC Training_powerpoint 

    Approved Minutes

    Minutes October 2015

    Minutes, December 2015


    *If you're interested in serving on our School Health Advisory Council, please contact your campus' principal or Jennifer Lyon.

    To learn more about the Health and Social Programs, contact Jennifer Lyon at 512-533-5940 or at lyonj@ltisdschools.org.