• Lakeway Elementary Mission


    Lakeway Elementary School is a learning community where everyone is nurtured, respected, and challenged. All individuals are encouraged to be compassionate towards each other, to be creative, to be productive, and to be successful, life-long learners.

    The mission of the Lakeway Elementary School is to educate all students by teaching a comprehensive curriculum that emphasizes scholastic excellence.

    Lakeway Elementary School will serve as a model of educational excellence by making use of the combined skills of students, teachers, support staff, involved parents, and citizens through the efficient use of resources.

    Our students will have life-long problem-solving skills. They will understand that responsibilities accompany the privileges of citizenship and will have the foundation to be successful in their chosen endeavors. Learning first, now and always!

    In 2013-2014, LWE experienced many changes. Among those changes were: new campus accountability standards, increasing standards for STAAR, and preparation for the new Math TEKS that were established in 2014-2015. THe school year of 2013-2014, was once again a year for establishing a baseline for our academic scores and success.