Exam for Acceleration (without Prior Instruction)

  •  Criteria & Procedures

    Procedures for Exams for Acceleration of specific courses without prior instruction:

    For information and requirements about specific Exam for Acceleration assessments from the University of Texas, please visit the Study Guides on UT High School's website

    High School Courses: Please review the course list for offered exams posted on the UT website. Each semester exam ordered is 3 hours. For full course credit, Semester 1 (A) and Semester 2 (B) would need to be ordered to receive a full year's credit.

    Middle School Math: *See Middle School Course Guide for the sequence of math courses taken in LTISD and consider what math courses to take at the high school if accelerating. Any high school course taken in middle school does not factor into GPA.

    Foreign Language: Exams for acceleration in a foreign language or languages other than English (LOTE) are purchased from Avant Assessments. There are Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking portions that are administered online. There are Sample Tests available on their website. These tests are untimed and usually, take 1.5-2 hours to complete all components of the test.

    Location and Schedule:

    All Exams for Acceleration ordered by the district (deadlines listed below) are administered at the Education Development Center (EDC). The EDC is the building in front of Lake Travis Elementary at the corner of 620 and Kollmeyer. If there is a change in location or time then those students who registered will receive an email with the new information.

    The District DOES NOT provide textbooks or calculators for those requesting to take an Exam for Acceleration. These exams cost between $25 to $70 per exam (LTISD pays for the exams taken on the dates listed below) so if you need to cancel a registration, please contact Kathy Burbank burbankk@ltisdschools.org as soon as possible. An email verification that you have registered will be sent with details about the exam on the deadline date for registration. Testing begins at 9:00 am.

    Testing Dates: 

    Listed are the in-person dates for 2020-2021 School Year. If social distancing is in effect registration deadlines stay in effect but the dates of administration will be adjusted as needed. Registration deadlines are imposed due to the time requirement for purchase orders and processing to ensure exams will be ready on the testing date. 

    • Friday, October 9, 2020 (registration deadline is September 4th)
    • Monday, February 15, 2021 (registration deadline is January 18th)
    • Thursday, June 3, 2021 (registration deadline is April 30th)
    • Friday, July 30, 2021 (registration deadline is June 25th)

    If Social Distancing is in effect then an online, at-home option will be available but the registration deadline will still be used to streamline purchasing and processing.

    Register for Exams Prior to Deadline

    Register Here   Click here to register for the 2020-2021 School Year

    Exam for Acceleration for Grade Level Advancement: 

    (Testing is done prior to the new school year for advancement in grades 1-8.)

    Please discuss this option with your campus Principal or Counselor. Testing should take place to advance a grade level for grades 1-8 during the summer due to the impact on scheduling and loss of instruction in the next grade (if testing is during the school year). Students must pass all 4 exams (math, language arts, science, and social studies) for the grade level that is being accelerated at 80% or above mastery. The science or social studies test will be administered first and the other exams will be administered at a later date if 80% was achieved on the first test administered. If 80% was not achieved on the first exam taken then additional subjects will not be ordered.

    Please contact Kathy Burbank at burbankk@ltisdschools.org for the ordering and scheduling for Grade Level Advancement exams.

    Kindergarten Acceleration:

    Contact the campus for more information and procedures.

    Acceleration Procedures and Forms


    Lake Travis ISD Board Policy 
    Exam for Acceleration (EA) 
    without Prior Instruction EHDC (Legal) EHDC (Local)

    A student in grades 1-8, who have not received instruction at the grade level tested, must be accelerated (promoted) one grade if the student meets all of the following requirements:

    • The student achieves a minimum score of 80 percent on the grade-level exam in each of the following subject areas: language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies.
    • A school district representative recommends that the student accelerates to the higher grade level.
    • The student’s parent or guardian gives written approval for the acceleration.

    Students taking high school coursework seeking credit in a subject area in which they have not received prior instruction may earn credit by passing the course exam(s) with a grade of 80 percent. 

    The grade earned from an Exam for Acceleration is not used for the calculation of the student’s Weighted Numerical Grade Average at the High School level and is only used for Credit.

    According to TEA policy §74.24 Credit by Exams (c)(6), a student may not attempt to earn credit by examination for a specific course more than two times.

    Schedule changes will NOT be made once a semester has begun. According to TEC §25.092 Admission, Transfer, and Attendance, a student has to be in attendance for 90% of the days a class is offered to be given credit for a class.

    A student can work directly with UT to schedule an exam for acceleration to test at any time outside of the testing window. Register with the University of Texas UT High School. Please send a copy of the results/grade report to the Registrar at the campus your child attends.

    Contact Kathy Burbank, burbankk@ltisdschools.org, Director of Accountability & Assessment for further information, or if you need to cancel an exam that you have registered.