Lakeway Traditions

  • Serious Outrageous Science Day

    Lakeway Elementary celebrates Science Day four days during the school year. This program makes math and science the focus of an entire day and involves every child and teacher at the school. Students participate in hands-on experiments throughout the school day. Science days are focused on creating a level of excitement and energy around science, as well as a sense that science both applies to each child’s everyday life and is easily understandable. Students will rotate through grade level classrooms and receive instruction from every teacher in the classroom. We often involve guest presenters such as the Austin Planetarium and area science educators. We are always looking for science-focused groups who would like to participate. This event is very volunteer intensive. We encourage all parents to work with your homeroom mother and classroom teacher to volunteer. A background in science is not necessary.  

    Track and Field Day

    Every year in the fall, the Physical Education department hosts Track and Field Day. This is a huge celebration that allows the students to demonstrate some of the skills they develop in Physical Education. It is a great time for team building among the students and the teachers. Parents are able to come and enjoy time with their child while watching them participate in a variety of events.

    Running Club

    The Lakeway Elementary Physical Education department hosts a morning running club each year. Club members run before school on Tuesdays and Wednesdays with the goal  of running 26.2 miles (a marathon) before the end of the year. For each mile run along the way, the kids earn a toe tag.

    Fifth Grade

    Lakeway Science Fair

    Budding 5th grade scientists participate in a friendly competition which allows them to present their projects to the school and Lake Travis communities. Top performers move on to compete in the Austin Regional Science Fair and have placed among the best in Central Texas year after year.  


    Mother’s Day Tea

    Lakeway Elementary 5th graders honor their mothers in a very special Mother’s Day Tea.  Each class works diligently on this endearing program which is a memory the students and their mothers will treasure for years to come!

    Father’s Day Kickball

    The Father’s Day Kickball Game, held traditionally on the last day of school, has been a Lakeway 5th Grade favorite for many years. It’s all dads (and dad substitutes) vs all kids. The dads have a LONG history of winning, but that’s ok. We let them win, because we love our dads. Busy dads are allowed to send uncles, grandpas, friends, etc. as representatives, or any one of our manly teachers will be honored to pitch-in to assist any student without a dad. Refreshments follow the game. Come join the fun first thing in the morning on the last day of school.

    Fifth Grade Sock Hop

    Lakeway Elementary School 5th graders celebrate Valentine’s Day each year by rockin’ around the clock…o.k., thecafeteria!  Dressed in poodle skirts and leather jackets, the students enjoy limbo, root beer floats, and hula-hooping, all to hit music from this fun era. 

    The Fifth Grade Walk

    During the last 15 minutes of fifth grade, we celebrate our graduating Mustangs in a very special way.  With their backpacks packed with all their belongings, the fifth graders parade through the hallways one final time as Lakeway students.  Parents, teachers, and younger students line the hallways to cheer for the students who are finishing their elementary school journey. 

    Fourth Grade

    Living History Museum 

    Step back into Texas’s history and watch the past come to life! History comes to life in 4thgrade at Lakeway Elementary where students dress in period costumes and speak in the dialect of the time. This interactive experience allows students to synthesize the information by researching, writing a script, creating scenery, and dressing as a famous Texan. You will be dazzled and entertained as fourth grade students present this historical reenactment to the entire school!

    Capitol Complex Tour 

    For over a century, the sunset-red granite Capitol has stood as a symbol of the legendary spirit of Texas. Fourth grade students’ study of Texas history is enriched by the life-sized sculptures of Famous Texans and paintings depicting scenes from the past. In addition, students learn how the government works by visiting the House of Representatives and Senate chambers. When they are in session, the students have been able to witness our representatives discussing, debating, and enacting laws. What better way to learn about the government than by watching it live!

    Third Grade

    The Nutcracker

    In music, 3rdgrade students study the different scenes and songs in the Nutcracker ballet. The students and teachers then attend the ballet performed by Ballet Austin in our finest attire!

    Poetry Cafe

    After studying and writing poetry during April, National Poetry Month, parents are invited to a publishing party at the Poetry Cafe.

    Cave Rotations

    Before going to Inner Space Caverns in May, 3rd grade students rotate to all of the 3rd grade teachers to learn a little bit about caves, spelunking, safety, wildlife, and vegetation in the caves.


    Ecosystems Project

    Second Grade

    Pioneer Days

    Pioneer day is held in the spring. It involves going back in time and really learning what it was like to travel across the country in a covered wagon and what pioneer families did to establish a new life in an unknown territory. Students are grouped into pioneer families for the two weeks. This memorable unit culminates with students wearing traditional pioneer clothing and a traveling Pioneer Museum coming to our school where the students get to participate in hands on activities. 

    Pajama Day Read-A-Thon

    Every December the students are treated to a Pajama day and read-a-thon where they get to wear their pajamas to school and bring a favorite book and buddy to school. We share books and have hot chocolate to make this an extra special day.

    Field Trip to Exotic Resort Zoo

    This field trip to the Johnson City Zoo in the spring is a highlight of the year. The students go on a safari in wagons and get to watch as the animals come up to the wagons. At this time, they get to feed the animals as well. This is a wrap-up to our animal unit in Science.

    First Grade


    In late September first graders learn about Johnny Appleseed and participate in Science activities about apples. At the end of the week students bring in apples and make applesauce together. 


    At the end of October teachers dress as a story book character. Classes rotate to each room to hear a story.


    First graders are, like, TOTALLY AWESOME! First Grade celebrates the 80th day of school dressed for the decade. 


    At the end of January First Grade observes the 101st day of school (like Dalmations) dressed in black in white.


    First Grade Market: students buy goods they have created in class at the First Grade Market to apply their knowledge of goods, services and money.

    Texas Chili Tasting Day: Students and teachers wear western clothing at the end of our study of Texas and sample Texas chili.


    Dr. Seuss’ birthday is on March 2nd. Students may wear a Dr. Seuss shirt if they want to.


    The Little Pollinators Play is performed by first graders in each class at the end of our unit about plants.


    Teddy Bear Picnic

    Kindergarten starts off the year with a teddy bear picnic the first week of school. We have teddy grahams for a snack while our librarian reads us a fun teddy bear story.

    Gingerbread Hunt

    The second event is Gingerbread Hunt. We make gingerbread people cookies, but they escape from the oven and run amuck all of our school! The children go on a hunt and get to know the counselor, nurse, receptionist, and all our “Specials” teachers, only to find their cookies in the principal’s office!

    Feely Fair

    Feely Fair allows the children to experience all five senses as they walk through many textures in their bare feet!

    Monarch Migration

    The monarchs migrate once a year as over 100 Kindergarteners in butterfly wings fly down the field from Austin to Mexico.

    100th Day

    In the spring, Kindergarten celebrates the 100thDay of School as we blow out 100 candles on a giant cake, dress like 100-year-old people, and participate in many activities counting to 100.

    Kindergarten Circus

    Our spring study of animals and life cycles includes hatching butterflies, ladybugs and baby chicks. But perhaps our oldest and most loved tradition of all is our Kindergarten Circus. The children amaze us with their many acts and tricks. Many LT graduates still remember their part in the LWE Kindergarten Circus!!! 


    Pumpkin Patch

    Each year in October, the library is filled with beautifully decorated pumpkins! The students choose their favorite book character and with the help of their family, transform ordinary pumpkins into literary works of art. The entire school enjoys touring the annual Pumpkin Patch.

    Hot Chocolate Stories

    This tradition began the very first year that Lakeway Elementary opened, and it continues to be one of our favorites! Before the winter break we read a holiday story with a cup of hot chocolate. Last year we served over 40 gallons…and surprisingly had very few spills!

    Snow Celebrations

    In January we cut out snowflakes and learn about the science of snow. Then we have a big snowball fight (with socks!) in the library!

    Reading Programs

    The library sponsors a school-wide reading incentive program each fall semester. The theme changes every year to keep it new and exciting for the students. Helping to develop lifelong readers is our goal!  Other reading programs in the spring include the Six Flags Read to Succeed Program and Texas Reads One Book.

    Book Fairs

    The library holds two book fairs each year -- fall and spring.  These fun events serve as a fundraiser for literacy and library programming at our school.