Transportation Information

  • One of the first things that you will be asked is how is your child getting to and from school. Here is a list of the choices and a little information about each choice.  

    General Information

    • K-2 students cannot be released without a parent or sibling (3rd grade or above).
    • There are three entrances into the school – if you are coming from RR 620, the first entrance is for buses only, the second entrance is the one that leads to the parking lot in front of the school, and the third entrance is a parking lot used by the 3rd-5thgrade parents for picking up/dropping off and is also used for overflow parking during school events.
    • Students will be considered tardy if they arrive after 7:40am.
    • Students are dismissed at 3:00 pm.

    If your child is a Bus Rider

    This means your child will be riding the bus. Bus routes and pickup times can be found here. Please be aware that the first few days of school, the buses usually run a little late. Things will be on schedule in a few days as everyone gets used to the routine. The bus is a very safe way to get to and from school. The kinder students sit in the front of the bus while the older children are at the back (K-5th grade ride the bus together).

    **Please note, for K-2nd riders, the bus driver cannot release your child from the bus unless you are there. If you are unable to make it, your child will be brought back to the school and you will be contacted to come pick them up.

    If your child is a Car Rider K-2nd

    This means you will be dropping off your child in the morning and picking up in the afternoon. Please use the second entrance to the school; this is the car rider line for K-2nd grade students.

    Morning - As you enter the parking lot, you will see a line of cars. Stay in your vehicle (to the right so cars who are parking may pass by) until you are close to the entrance of the school. Your child will be helped out of the car by a staff member. Students enter the building and await the start of the school day in their classrooms. For the first few days of school, the kinder students will be escorted to their classroom. As they get used to the routine, they will be able to do this without an escort. 

    Afternoon – First, please place a paper with your child’s name (Large Print) on the inside of your windshield (passenger side).   Next, use the same second entrance into the school and enter the line of cars (to the right so cars who are parking may pass by). A teacher or staff member will be walking around writing down the names of the children whose parents have arrived. They use a walkie talkie and call for the child to come outside to get in the car. Your kinder student will be waiting in the café with other K-2nd grade students for you to arrive. K-2 students with older siblings may be picked up in the cafeteria and escorted out. Another option is to have the older sibling(s) wait in the café to be picked up in the K-2 car line.

    If your child is an Escorted Walker/Bike Rider

    This means you are driving or will be walking in with your child in the morning and picking up them in the afternoon. There is a crossing guard that can assist you across Lohman’s Crossing Road if you are walking/riding from The Hills. Please note that all non-bus-riding 3-5 grade students are classified as walkers. Be sure to let them know how they should get home.

    All Students Morning – Please drop your student at the front entrance.

    K-2 Students Afternoon – Your child will be waiting in the café with other K-2nd grade students waiting for you to arrive. Please check your child out with the staff on duty at the cafeteria entrance (located at the front of the school).

    3-5 Students Afternoon – walk out the door. If you are picking your child up, please do so in the upper parking lot (the 3rd school entrance if you are coming to the school from 620).