Welcome to Legal Services

  • The Lake Travis Independent School District Legal Services Department is provides daily legal advice to LTISD leadership; represents LTISD in legal matters; delivers legal trainings; and coordinates outside provision of legal services as needed. Specifically, the department provides oversight and counsel in the following areas:

    Business Matters:

      • Procurement process
      • Vendor contracts
      • Construction
      • Acquisition and sale of real property
      • Advertising agreements
      • Affiliation agreements
      • Memorandums of Understanding
      • Consultant agreements
      • Donation agreements
      • Broadcast agreements

    Employment Matters:

      • Hiring (employment contracts)
      • Employee misconduct
      • Discipline, write ups, nonrenewal, termination
      • Employee complaints that need legal attention
      • Employment law compliance

    Governance Matters:

      • Open Meetings Act
      • Public Information Act
      • Board policy and administrative regulations
      • Student and employee handbooks /Student Code of Conduct
      • Grievances/appeals of decisions by leadership
      • Legislative work and implementation

    Student Matters:

      • Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
      • Student rights issues
      • First Amendment
      • Discrimination, retaliation, harassment
      • Bullying
      • Misconduct/discipline
      • Grievances
      • Residency/enrollment/transfers
      • Family law issues
      • Students with disabilities
      • Section 504 or IDEA
      • Daily compliance
      • ARD meetings
      • TEA complaints and due process hearings
      • Discrimination (Office of Civil Rights)
      • Discipline