LT CLASS Project

  • Facilitated by the Lake Travis ISD Superintendent and the senior leadership team, the purpose of the LT CLASS Project is to engage community members in a series of seminars and activities designed to build and strengthen the relationships among District leadership and community members. Recognizing that the District's work is, at its core, a human endeavor, it is important that the community and the people who lead the District know each other by name, face, personality and values.

    Throughout the sessions in this program, District leadership will:

    • Provide key information and explanations of the different components that must work properly for a school system to operate effectively and efficiently.  Whether it be school buses, food service, “Robin Hood,” school construction, academic programs—or everything in between, being aware of all of the moving parts that comprise a school district builds understanding, which is critically important.

    • Build capacity for sustainable and relevant partnerships between the District and community that serve the interests of our students—academically and socially. Exceptionally high quality school systems reflect the deep investment by the community in its schools.

    • Earn the confidence and most importantly, trust of those the District serves.  Simply stated, this is the 'glue' that holds it all together—and is the one characteristic that successful organizations and businesses must earn, possess and protect.

    The program began in the fall of 2007 with the first cohort of community members becoming the inaugural class of Leadership Lake Travis.  That group consisted of 25 individuals who participate in a series of interesting and relevant mini-seminars that focused on key aspects of the Lake Travis ISD.  Resurrected in 2013 under the new name of LT CLASS Project, the program continues with the same purpose and goals.  Topics to be presented include Leadership and Governance; Demographics and Facilities; Curriculum, Instruction, Accountability, and Technology; Special Programs; and Finance.

    LT CLASS Project holds great promise. It provides a venue for the District to actively seek to enhance the quality of the program's four key commitments: Relationships, Understanding, Partnerships and Trust.

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