• Bee Cave Elementary Bobcat Mathletes


    Bobcat Mathletes is returning to Bee Cave Elementary! Our club is part of a national program called Math Pentathlon that fosters math skills and logical thinking through game–based play and competition for 2nd through 5th graders.


    BCE Mathletes with Medals



    We welcome students who are truly interested and like to be challenged in math to apply. These students should have good sportsmanship skills and teamwork skills, and enjoy logic and puzzle games.

    Students also need good attention skills, so they can follow what their opponent is doing. The games are challenging and require students to use higher-level thinking skills — this is not math tutoring class and does not involve solving math problems on worksheets, but rather using math and logic skills to play games in a friendly, competitive environment.



    Space is limited on each team. There will be a maximum of 12 students for each grade level (6 boys/6 girls). All participants must commit to the following requirements:

    • attend approximately 16-20 weekly after-school Monday team meetings between September-November and January-March
    • participate in area-wide tournament in late April or early May



    Parent volunteers are essential for Mathletes success, and in order to participate in the tournament, we must have several parents serve as game monitors during the tournament. Therefore, students will be chosen first come, first served within the following groups.

    • Group 1 - Previous Mathlete whose parent volunteers at least 8 times, becomes an expert at one game, gets a parent t-shirt, and monitors at the tournament
    • Group 2 - New Mathlete whose parent volunteers per requirements above
    • Group 3 - Previous Mathlete whose parent volunteers 3-7 times, learns one game, and monitors at the tournament if needed
    • Group 4 - New Mathlete whose parent volunteers 3-7 times, learns one game, and monitors at the tournament if needed



    Registration fee is $100. This includes instructional materials, tournament fees, participant t-shirts, snacks, and club supplies.



    You can register online HERE starting Monday, August 26th at 9am. Registration will close that following Friday, August 30th at 9am.

    After the registration deadline, you will be notified via email if your child has been accepted, including fee payment instructions.

    Because space is so limited, apply quickly, as it is expected to fill up. After capacity is reached, an additional boy and girl from each grade will be put on a waitlist. If we don't receive applications sufficient to fill a gender's spot, we may fill in with the other gender's applicants in order to maximize participation.


    Please email Colleen Brown at BobcatMathletes@gmail.com.



    BCE Mathletes Celebrating Together “My son enjoyed Mathletes very much. He loved playing the games, and the coaches were so kind and encouraging!”

    “My daughter loved it! She had fun playing games with her friends every Monday.”

    “It's a brain game with loads of fun in it.”

    “I think it was neat that the kids really felt a part of something. Coaches were so enthusiastic, and students really felt like the club was special and working toward a goal. My child was proud to be accepted and to be involved in it. “

    “The strategies of the games is to really FORM their minds to think in new and different ways. It's not just about training for tourney, but the games are really forming the way they think.”

    Mathletes Tournament “This is the only activity that my son has ever been in that he didn't grow tired of after a month and complain about participating in. I love how it provides a competitive environment for kids without involving sports and that it is right after school so it doesn't cut into homework and family time.”

    “The tournament at the end was a lot of fun and kind of pulled it all together for my daughter. After the tournament, she was more enthusiastic about the possibility of participating next year. I also enjoyed my participation as a parent.”