• Did you submit service hours that did not get approved?


    Students may appeal if hours were not accepted.  


    FIRST - check your final approved hours on the "Check your CIS hours" page.

    SECOND - if you were not credited with all the hours you submitted, feedback is available by checking with the sponsor in the library at your earliest convenience


    THIRD - for eligible appeals, there will be an appeal sheet provided in the library.  This sheet plus any other needed information is due back to the CIS mailbox in the front office of the main building between March 1st through April 2nd by the 4:10 p.m. DEADLINE.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

    Appeals will be accepted in the following situations:


    What you CAN appeal:

    –  more information was needed regarding the organization, event, or service performed.

    –  clarification was needed regarding the signature verification or no signature verification was provided per unique calendar date and time.

    – a calculation mistake was made when adding your hours or a data entry mistake was made.






    If hours were not accepted for the following reasons, you CANNOT appeal:


    What you CANNOT appeal (see GUIDELINES):

    –  ineligible dates.

    –  activities in service required for academic credit, or an LTHS extracurricular, club, organization, sport, or booster.

    –  activities performed for a fundraiser.

    –  hours in excess of 10 hours per day for overnight camps.

    –  internships or unpaid labor performed for for-profit businesses.