Senior Gold Card Program

  • Over the years, our senior residents have made many contributions to the students and schools of the Lake Travis community. Now, the Lake Travis Independent School District (LTISD) wants to say "thank you."
    The Senior Gold Card is for residents of LTISD who are 65 years of age or older. There is no charge for membership in the Senior Gold Card program. This special card will provide a means for our senior residents to continue to be active in programs sponsored by LTISD schools.
    The Senior Gold Card program is active for 2021-2022 school year!
    Senior Gold Card benefits include free admission to LTISD cultural events such as plays, musicals and concerts in all District schools. (Reservations may be necessary when sell-out performances are anticipated.) Members will also receive free admission to LTISD regular athletic events in District gymnasiums and general admission seating at District stadiums. (Cards will not always be valid for activities beyond regular District schedules.)
    To apply for membership, simply complete the LTISD Senior Gold Card Progam application and send it via email, postal mail or fax to:
    GW Byers
    LTISD Community Relations Dept. 
    3322 Ranch Road 620 South
    Austin, Texas 78738
    Fax: 512-533-6001

    Once the application has been received, the Community Relations Liaison will contact the applicant with additional instructions on how to obtain his/her Senior Gold Card. An appointment will need to be set in order to get your photo taken and receive your card. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is there a fee for the program?
    No, membership is provided at no cost.
    What are the requirements for membership?
    To become a member of the program, applicants must be 1.) a resident of the District and 2.) 65 years of age or older.
    How can I obtain a Senior Gold Card?
    Individuals meeting the requirements for membership must complete the application and send via email, postal mail or fax to the address listed below. You may also call 512-533-6099 to make an appointment and complete the application upon arrival. 
    GW Byers
    LTISD Community Relations Dept. 
    3322 Ranch Road 620 South
    Austin, Texas 78738
    Fax: 512-533-6001
    Can the card be used to attend out of district, out of town, and/or post-season extracurricular events - i.e., athletic playoff games?
    The card may or may not be accepted for activities beyond regular District schedules. Please call or email to confirm. 
    For what activities and events will the Senior Gold Card be accepted?
    Depending on availability of seating, members of the Senior Gold Card program will be admitted into plays, musicals, concerts and regular athletic events held in gymnasiums, stadiums and other District facilities.
    What if I lose my card?
    If a member misplaces his or her Senior Gold Card, he or she may simply contact the LTISD Community Relations Liaison at 512-533-6099 or and a new card will be issued.
    Will Senior Gold Card members be guaranteed reserved seating at athletic events or other extracurricular programs?
    Yes and no. Reservations may be necessary when sell-out performances are anticipated at District plays, musicals, concerts and other extracurricular events. However, members of the Senior Gold Card program may not reserve seats at athletic events. Admission to athletic events is on a first-come, first-serve basis.
    Does the Senior Gold Card program include reserved parking?
    No, the Senior Gold Card program does not include reserved parking. Members will have access to general parking where and when available.
    May the Senior Gold Card be used by someone other than the member?
    No, the Senior Gold Card is non-transferrable and may only be used by the member to whom it was issued.
    Who do I contact for more information?
    For more information, you may contact GW Byers, Community Relations Liaison, at 512-533-6099 or