Welcome to Community Programs

  • The mission of the Lake Travis ISD is to educate all students by teaching a comprehensive curriculum which emphasizes scholastic excellence. The District will serve as a model of educational excellence by making use of the combined skills of students, teachers, support staff, involved parents and citizens through the efficient use of resources. Our graduates will have lifelong problem-solving skills. They will understand that responsibilities accompany the privileges of citizenship and will have the foundation to be successful in their chosen endeavors.  LTISD Community Programs supports this mission in many different ways. 

    Our students have opportunities to participate in a variety of high quality after school enrichment classes and summer camps.  These classes are taught by LTISD staff members and carefully vetted contractors, and serve the purpose of peaking student interests or fine tuning skills already in place.  Our goal is to help students become excited about attending school every day by feeling inspired, connected and eager to explore a multitude of career possibilities.

    Our parents and community members also play a vital role in complementing the mission of LTISD.  The daily presence of our volunteers, PTO members and parent boosters not only shores up campus operations, but it allows our students to feel supported and safe.  In addition, the LT Mentor Me program is a rewarding and challenging experience.  The program’s design is to involve community volunteers in ongoing efforts to encourage students to improve both academically and personally, and focus on their future education and career goals.

    LTISD Community Programs seeks to encourage our students, staff and community members to feel connected.  If you would like to learn more about our programs, please do not hesitate to contact our office.