Injuries & Concussion Management

  • If you are injured, you must let one of the athletic trainers know!  Morning treatments begin at 7:30am during the school year.  Please come in at that time for evaluation and treatment.

    Below are some pictures of the injuries and illnesses we have seen in the athletic training room this year! As you can tell, there is always a variety - and sometimes you have to have a strong stomach! Enjoy!

Concussion Management

  • Communication is the key when treating a suspected head injury.  Please make sure the athletic trainers know if your son/daughter feels they may have suffered a concussion.  Also, please encourage your athlete to be honest and forthcoming with information about their symptoms.  We cannot treat what we don't know about!
    Attached you will find some very useful information regarding the management of concussions and the return-to-play protocols.  Please feel free to contact the athletic training room if you need further information.