Future Student Athletic Trainers

  • A parents' meeting will be scheduled for April 10th at 6:00 PM, in the team meeting room, at the Cavalier Activity Center. 
    Tryouts for student training will start during Spring Football practice.  Please email applications with letters of recommendation and a copy of 2023-2024 grades to Brandy Gothard - gothardb@ltisdschools.org.  These will be due before you start spring football tryouts.  
    All new student trainers MUST BE SIGNED UP FOR THE SPORTS MEDICINE CLASS AND ATHLETIC TRAINING I. Any questions please email Brandy Gothard - gothardb@ltisdschools.org. 

    Spring Football Calendar 

    What does a student athletic trainer do?
    The Lake Travis Sports Medicine Program is a very important part of the overall success of all Cavalier athletic programs. We are responsible for the prevention, care, treatment, and rehabilitation of all athletic injuries that our athletes encounter. The student athletic trainers at Lake Travis High School assist the Certified/Licensed Athletic Trainers in all aspects of athletic training. Student athletic trainers assist with or perform duties such as taping, administering treatments, providing first-aid, injury evaluation, stretching, and are certified in CPR/AED and First-aid. Our student athletic trainers are dedicated to both the well-being of our student athletes and themselves.
    What are the requirements for being a student athletic trainer?
    If you are interested in becoming a student athletic trainer for the 2024-2025 school year, please complete the Student Trainer Application, and return it to the athletic training room by April 19th, prior to the first day of spring football practice. In order to be considered an applicant for the program, you will also need to submit all your grades from the current 2023-2024 school year, and two letters of recommendation (one from a teacher and one from a coach.) 
    All incoming student trainers will be REQUIRED to attend Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday during Spring Football. The calendar is posted above. Students will be released from practice at 8:15 am in order to make it to school on time. You are RESPONSIBLE for transportation to and from practice.  We will be practicing on the upper practice fields (located on the top fields across from the track stadium). 
    Incoming Level 1 student athletic trainers are required to take the "Sports Medicine I" course that is offered as an elective, and the "Athletic Training", which is a PE credit. If you are selected to be a student athletic trainer, then you will be enrolled in these courses by your counselor, and then it will be MANDATORY to attend on August 5th - 9th to become First AID, CPR and AED Certified and for everyone to get stuff ready for the year. August 5th is the first day of football practices. The schedule will be posted in Schoology when the year begins.
    What do I wear for tryouts?
    You must wear dress code appropriate athletic shorts, a t-shirt that can get dirty (no tank tops), and tennis shoes for each practice. It will be warm outside, so remember to bring sunscreen, a hat/visor (LTISD hats only, and must be forward-facing) and sunglasses. Please make sure to be properly hydrating each day. 
    Who do I contact if I am interested?
    The staff Athletic Trainers will be able to answer any of your questions about the program. Please send all the paper work, emails, and letters of recommendations to Doc; gothardb@ltisdschools.org. The athletic training room is located in the women's field house, which is attached to the football stadium and weight room. Our Athletic Trainers are Brandy Gothard (512) 533-6051; gothardb@ltisdschools.org, Cameron Chalmers (512-533-5832); chalmersc@ltisdschools.org, and Larissa Pexton (512-533-6145) pextonl@ltisdschools.org