Welcome to the LTISD Volunteer Program

  • Important Update to LTISD Volunteer Program

    Beginning January 12, 2022, we will suspend having visitors on campus during the school day with the exception of volunteers, scheduled parent meetings, or as otherwise approved by the school. We will reevaluate allowing visitors on campus as conditions in our community improve.

    Program Description

    • Volunteers can perform any job that does not require working alone with students. Note: If volunteers plan to work alone with one or more students, they must agree to a complete criminal background check to be conducted by the Texas Department of Public Safety. Inquire with the campus Volunteer Coordinator for more details.
    • Volunteers will be required to Raptor in with a driver's license each time they visit.
    • Volunteers will be required to sign a Confidentiality Pledge each school year.
    • Volunteer opportunities are available as soon as the campus is ready to receive assistance. 

    2021-2022 Volunteer Handbook

    2021-2022 Volunteer Handbook - Español

    2021-2022 Volunteer Agreement

    2021-2022 Volunteer Agreement - Español

    Please contact your campus Volunteer Coordinator (listed below) or GW Byers, Community Relations Liaison, at byersg@ltisdschools.org or 512-533-6099 if you would like to become a Volunteer!


    Campus Volunteer Coordinators

    Bee Cave Elementary: Courtney Trimmer, 512-533-6266

    Lake Pointe Elementary: Joan Kothe, 512-533-6500

    Lake Travis Elementary: Alys Moore, 512-533-6355

    Lakeway Elementary: Lisa Hanson, 512-533-6383

    Rough Hollow Elementary: Emily Bolles, 737-931-3000

    Serene Hills Elementary: Ariana Barrera, 512-533-7480

    West Cypress Hills Elementary: Michelle Harper, 512-533-7500

    Bee Cave Middle School: Natsha Famiglietti, 737-931-2400

    Hudson Bend Middle School: JoAnn Bryan, 512-533-6418

    Lake Travis Middle School: Sandy Casares, 512-533-6217

    Lake Travis High School: Stacy Boyd, 512-533-6119