Student Drug Testing

  • In an effort to strengthen the District’s substance abuse prevention efforts, Lake Travis ISD implemented the Leader For Life student wellness program in February 2016.  The program is comprised of four major components: academics, leadership, service, and accountability, the latter of which included voluntary and random, saliva-based drug testing of students in grades 9-12.  Taking into consideration recommendations from the Leader For Life advisory committee and the District’s School Health Advisory Council, the Lake Travis school board voted unanimously this spring to expand the District’s drug testing program, resulting in significant changes that may impact your child.  

    Beginning with the 2018-2019 school year, enrollment in the LTISD Student Drug Testing Program will be determined as follows:

    • Mandatory enrollment for students in grades 7-12 participating in school-sponsored competitive extracurricular activities
    • Mandatory enrollment for high school students who obtain a parking pass
    • Voluntary enrollment for students in grades 7-12

    Additionally, the board approved transitioning from saliva- to urine-based testing. There will be a minimum of four rounds of testing annually, and each round will include no less than 5% of students enrolled in the program.  San Angelo, TX-based Melody’s Southwest Consortium will manage testing in conjunction with District and school officials.

    Please be advised, students will not be permitted to participate in school-sponsored competitive extracurricular activities or obtain a parking pass unless they are successfully enrolled in the District’s drug testing program.