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LTISD School Board Approves Rate Increase for Substitute Positions

September 16, 2021


Lake Travis ISD is pleased to announce an increase in pay rates for many of the district's substitute positions. Effective September 16, 2021, compensation for the following substitute positions has been increased to the rates listed below:

General and Special Education Substitute Teachers


Old Daily Rate

New Daily Rate




Non-Certified 60+ days






Certified 60+ days






Auxiliary, Clerical and Paraprofessional Substitutes

HR-approved substitutes will be paid at the minimum hourly rate for the pay grade of the position requiring a substitute. In other words, approved substitutes will now receive the same minimum pay for the position which they are filling. Please see the example below:

Current Clerical Substitute Rate = $13.00


New Structure Rates:

Campus Receptionist








ES/MS Admin Asst








This will increase the rate for our non-administrative professionals (such as teachers, librarians, counselors and special ed specialists) who instruct a class when a sub has not been secured.


At the elementary level, the new pay of $130.00 will be divided among staff who cover unfilled classes for the day. For secondary staff, the new pay rate will be $21.00 per unfilled section.

"We believe these new rates will help us to continue competitively recruit and retain substitutes," said Evalene Murphy, Assistant Superintendent Employee & Community Relations. "We also hope the new rates express our support for and heartfelt appreciation of our substitutes and our staff who fill these positions when needed."

Substitutes are needed districtwide. Apply today.