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Voters approve 2 of 3 propositions in District’s 2022 bond election

November 9, 2022

With all Travis County votes counted early Wednesday morning, November 9, Lake Travis ISD voters approved two of three propositions in the District’s 2022 bond referendum—Proposition A, $548.4 million for school facilities, necessary sites for school facilities, and new school buses; and Proposition B, $60.8 million for school technology improvements. Voters rejected Proposition C, $93.8 million for school stadium facilities. Propositions A and B totaling $609.2 million are the District’s largest issue to date.

Unofficial results are as follows (source - Travis County Elections Office):

Lake Travis ISD's bond election results graphic

*Election results are unofficial until canvassed by the school board.

"We are fortunate to live in a community where residents are passionate about supporting their schools," said Paul Norton, Lake Travis ISD Superintendent of Schools. "I would like to thank our school board, senior staff, and our Long Range Facilities Planning Committee for their vision, dedication, and hard work during the past 10 months. Ultimately, we are grateful for the voter turnout and the approval of Propositions A and B. We will reconvene our planning committee to discuss next steps regarding Proposition C." 

In effort to alleviate overcrowding and accommodate continued growth, construction of Elementary School #8 will begin immediately. District officials anticipate the campus—which will be located in the Rough Hollow subdivision off Bee Creek Road—to be completed by August 2024. Planning and design work for High School #2 will begin in the spring. The campus will be located off Reimers-Peacock Road and is expected to open in the fall of 2027. 

"We are committed to ensuring that the projects in Props A and B are well built and completed in a timely and fiscally-responsible manner," concluded Mr. Norton.

Additional information about the District’s 2022 bond program is available on the Lake Travis ISD website.