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District provides update on transportation services

December 1, 2022

As we enter the final weeks of the fall semester, I want to provide you with an update on our transportation services. We have hired 7 drivers and 1 monitor since the first day of school on August 16, 2022. This has allowed us to add drivers to routes in service areas outside of the two-mile radius. While this has helped, we are still short of the ideal number of drivers needed to provide services for the students who have requested transportation. To reach this goal, we would need to hire 13 more drivers in order to eliminate the current “one-week on/one-week off” schedule. Overall, approximately 30 drivers are needed for restoring full transportation services. Rest assured, we will continue to increase our services as more drivers are hired and certified.

Many have asked about a long term solution to a problem affecting many school districts. I can tell you that we are working to attract and retain drivers, but it is a difficult task due to a lack of interest and staff shortages we not only face in our area but throughout our region, state, and nation. Regardless, our team is motivated and actively recruiting candidates by attending job fairs and community events, utilizing social media, and advertising.

If you or someone you know is interested in driving a bus for LTISD, we encourage you to contact our Transportation Department at 512-533-6070, or at Our starting pay is $23.00 per hour and up to $33.11 per hour based on experience. We welcome all to apply, and no experience is needed. We provide all training and full benefits, and our drivers get holidays and summers off.

Thank you for your cooperation and patience as we continue to navigate through these challenges together.


Brad Bailey
Assistant Superintendent of Operations