Food Exemption Days

The Texas Department of Agriculture requires schools participating in the National School Breakfast and Lunch programs to follow USDA and TDA rules pertaining to "Foods Given and Sold."  The Texas Department of Agriculture allows each school campus to set six (6) exemption days when these "Foods Given and Sold" rules do not need to be followed. The six exemption days at the West Cypress Hills Elementary School are shown below.

2022-23 Exemption Days for West Cypress Hills Elementary School

  • October 20 - APEX Fun Run & 50th Day of School Celebrations
  • December 15 - Winter Holiday Parties
  • February 2 - The 100th Day of School
  • February 14 - Valentine Parties
  • May 25 - End-of-Year Class Parties
  • May 26 - 5th Grade Promotion Party

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